What to Do With Motorcycle Helmet When Parked

You must be wondering what to do with motorcycle helmet when parked. There are many ways to hang the helmet that we have finally searched for you; please check out the details below.

You can secure the helmet on the seat, in a pannier or hang it on the handlebar. If you worry that it might get stolen, carrying the helmet with you is best.

Furthermore, you must use a quality helmet lock to ensure extra safety of this headgear. Hang it in a shaded spot, this way, it will not wear out and lose its color, texture and finish. So, let us jump into the details and explore every single hanging option that our experts recommend:

Carry the helmet with you

The easiest and hassle-free way to ensure the helmet’s safety is to carry it wherever you go. Once you have parked the bike and are worried that someone will steal the headgear, it is better to bring it with you. Carrying a helmet removes all anxiety and confusion from your mind, and you stay worry-free.

You can even put your gloves, glasses and the rest of the small riding gear into the helmet and ensure their safety. Losing the helmet means lots of money are lost. Keeping it away from the reach of thieves is a must. So, carry it with you rather than hanging it with the bike.

Keep it in a pannier or top box

The other smart and ultimate solution is to keep the helmet in a pannier or top box once you have parked the bike. Big-size lockable panniers usually accompany high-end models of motorcycles. There, you can keep your helmet and secure it with a lock.

In addition, panniers keep the helmet in a shaded spot and entirely away from the thieving eyes. No one will bump or knock over your helmet; it will stay safe and sound.

Secure the helmet with the seat

You can secure the helmet with the seat; yes, it is another convenient hanging method that you can try out. Remember that it depends on the seat quality whether it is a sound idea to place a helmet on it or not. Keep it intact with a lock, this way, the helmet will not move here or there or fall off even if the wind blows.

Hang the helmet on a bike’s tank

Some prefer hanging the helmet on a bike’s tank. The same procedure is followed; likewise, you have mounted the helmet onto the seat.

Secure the helmet on the handlebars

How about securing the helmet on the handlebars? Yes, you can go ahead with this hack! It seems to be the most accessible spot that guarantees the helmet’s safety at the same time. Place it over the bar-end mirrors, this way, it will not drop or slip off in any case.

In addition, avoid hanging the helmet in a facing-down position. If you do so, the interior foam liner will get compressed, and the helmet fitting will become loose, reducing its ability to protect the bike’s head in case of crashes, impacts and falls. It is recommended to buy helmet hooks or use a unique carabiner for hanging it with the bars with the help of the double D-clasp.

Besides, hang it on the right bar instead of the left bar. The right bar promises more safety and protection and the left bar mostly slopes down when the bike is on the side-stand.

Keep it on the footpegs

You can keep the helmet on the footpegs after parking the bike. It is believed to be the most ”secure and safest” placement you can go for.

Placing the helmet on the footpegs keeps it away from the thief’s eyes and is no longer a target of getting stolen. Ensure you keep the helmet on the right side of the footpegs opposite to the side stand.

The only drawback is that pedestrians might kick the helmet if they fail to see it. What you can do is secure the headgear with the lock; this will prevent it from moving unnecessarily.

Secure the helmet with wire-locking cables 

The other way to endorse the helmet’s safety once parked is to secure it with cable locks. Get a quality wire locking cable and hang or store the helmet whenever needed. A few locking cables are made of tough titanium and installed with an alarm. The alarm will produce a sound when the helmet is moved.

Keep it in the bag

Lastly, keep the helmet in the bag and carry it after parking. Lots of backpack options are there that have a dedicated and separate helmet storage compartment; you must utilize that section.



We hope you have gained enough details regarding what to do with the motorcycle helmet once it is parked! Please share with us how you store and hang your helmet after parking it.

The overall best and most recommended spot to secure the helmet is to keep it in big and lockable panniers or top boxes. This way, thieves will not target it from stealing, and no person will bump or knock over the helmet. Stay tuned and connect with this platform for more updates, latest news, and insights.

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