How to Test a Motorcycle Rectifier?

How to Test a Motorcycle Rectifier

Ugh, that moment when you’re all set for a ride, but your bike sputters and quits. It’s enough to ruin your day, right? Well, that pesky little problem might just be your motorcycle rectifier acting up. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Recti-what?” But stay with me. The rectifier, though small, is mighty important. Think … Read more

What Causes Backfire On A Motorcycle?

What Causes Backfire On A Motorcycle

Ever had that POP noise interrupt your smooth bike ride? Yup, that’s a backfire. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? One minute you’re enjoying the road, the next, you’re stuck with a backfiring bike. We’ve all been there. You’ve tried to fix it but nothing seems to work. It’s like a stubborn cough your bike can’t shake … Read more

Can You Ride a Motorcycle While Pregnant?

Can You Ride a Motorcycle While Pregnant

Dreaming of embarking on an exhilarating adventure along winding roads with your trusted two-wheeled companion? Well, if you have a baby on board, ensuring safety becomes paramount. So, the burning question is: can you indulge in the thrill of motorcycle riding while pregnant? In general, it is advised that expectant mothers steer clear of motorcycles, … Read more

How Hot Does A Motorcycle Exhaust Get?

How Hot Does A Motorcycle Exhaust Get

As a motorcycle enthusiast, you’re well aware that the symphony of your bike’s engine revving is a delightful melody to your ears. Yet, have you ever pondered the astonishing heat generated by your motorcycle exhaust? Perhaps you’ve experienced the searing sensation of accidentally brushing against your exhaust pipe, or maybe you’re simply intrigued by the … Read more