How to Carry an Extra Helmet on a Motorcycle?

Carrying an extra helmet on a bike is not a challenge anymore. You can hassle-free load multiple helmets.

The common ways are to use a cargo net, hook it under the passenger seat, strap it to the grab bar or backrest, or keep it in your backpack.

Below we have discussed more of the ways that tell you exactly how to carry an extra helmet on a motorcycle, so let us see those details.

Carrying an extra helmet is always recommended. If your friend forgot to wear a helmet, you can offer him your extra headgear, making the riding time safe and sound.

Top ways to carry an extra/spare helmet on a bike

The top ten methods are identified below and they allow you to carry a spare helmet on a bike. All these hacks are easy to follow, and no inconvenience will be brought to the rider.

Method #1- Use a cargo net

You can use a cargo net if you want to bring an extra helmet. Cargo nets come in the form of woven nets made of elastic cords. Furthermore, these nets have multiple hooks around the edges. Throw the net on the pillion seat and store the extra helmet.

Method #2- Hook the helmet under the passenger seat

Some prefer hooking the extra helmet under the passenger seat. Almost all passenger seats of the bikes have helmet hooks. What you need to do is to hook the D-ring properly on your helmet strap and secure it with the seat. It is recommended to place a soft cloth on the passenger seat. You never know when the helmet moves around and scratches the paint. So, placing a cloth is necessary.

Method #3- Strap the helmet to the sissy bar or backrest of your bike

Most motorbikes have a backrest or sissy bar. It is assumed to be a great place for hanging extra helmets. Simply strap it to the backrest, and you are good to go! Ensure that the backrest post is tight enough. If it is loose, likely, the helmet will unnecessarily move around.

Method #4- Strap the helmet with the grab bar 

How about strapping the extra helmet with the grab bar? Yes, you can go with this tip! Almost all motorcycles have rear grab bars or hand holds. Simply attach the helmet strap with the grab bar; that is all! The only thing to remember is to avoid hanging the helmet too low. It should not touch the exhaust pipe.

Method #5- Use the helmet carrier strap

Using a helmet carrier strap can solve your problem in a second. It is a nylon strap that comes with two D-rings. To use this respective carrier strap, it is required to remove the rear seat. After that, lay the strap, and secure the bike’s seat on top of it. You can now place the headgear on the seat and secure it together with the carrier strap and chin strap. 

two helmets on a motorcycle

Method #6- Carry the helmet on your arm

If none of the hacks works, you can carry the helmet in your arm. Slide it up on your arm, but be very careful when driving. You never know when the helmet slips off from your hands in the middle of the drive, thus putting your life at risk. You must only follow this hack if it is a short-distance ride.

Method #7- Keep the helmet in the backpack

Keep the extra helmet in the backpack because it is the safest, most secure, and most reliable way. Most of the backpacks are equipped with a dedicated compartment for storing a helmet. So, make the most out of this backpack’s compartment.

Method #8- Secure the extra helmet in the saddle bag or pannier bag

You can secure the spare helmet in the saddle bag or pannier bag. These bags are large enough and can fit in a helmet without trouble. It does not matter if the saddle bag is made of canvas or leather; it can fit in the extra helmet.

Method #9- Use a shoulder bag/handbag 

You can use a shoulder bag or handbag for carrying the spare helmet. Remember, if it is a regular-sized helmet, this hack will work. Otherwise, for full-size helmets, you will get in trouble.

Shoulders and handbags are generally small in size. They can fit in standard-sized helmets but not the bigger ones. After storing the helmet in the shoulder or handbag, secure the bag properly with the bike.

Method #10- Use a carrying case

Lastly, you can go with the carrying case option! They are large enough to carry a full-size spare helmet. Carrying cases come in multiple sizes and shapes; choose the larger size always because it can be folded up easily too and becomes smaller.



What other ways can you think of in terms of storing and carrying a spare helmet on a motorcycle? Feel free to share those hacks and tips with us.

Wearing a helmet equals life safety and utmost protection. The driver and the pillion rider’s safety is only guaranteed if they have put on the headgear. It is always handy to have an extra helmet if your friend forgot to bring his headgear. Please stay connected with us; more updates and interesting information are coming.

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