Can You Put Stickers on a Motorcycle Helmet?

Customizing, styling, and designing the helmet have become a fun task. Thousands of bike owners love giving their helmets a funky and eye-catching vibe. They prefer embossing stickers or painting their bike headgear. Right here on this platform, you can explore more about: Can you put stickers on a motorcycle helmet?

Putting stickers is assumed to be the safest way that does not bring any damage to the helmet. You can even put vinyl cutouts or custom-paint your bike headgear.

To all motorcyclists out there, if you are young at heart, we are sure you will be equally excited about customizing, painting, and uniquely designing your helmet.

For the love of stickers, it is high time to get them embossed on your motorcycle helmet, too. Let us see the details, and if any confusion arises, ask us anytime:

Is it possible to place stickers on a bike helmet?

Yes, you can definitely go with this unique and creative idea of customizing and styling your motorcycle helmet. No damage will come to the helmet. Its construction, body, texture, or color will not be harmed in any case. Furthermore, some like putting a reflective tape to increase and enhance visibility. Putting stickers and vinyl cutouts are the best methods for customizing the helmet lid.

How do you put stickers on a helmet?

Below, you can check out the guide that explains the right way of putting stickers or any decorative embellishments on a helmet:

  1. The first step is that you have to clean your helmet. There should not be any trace or hint of dirt. Even if your helmet is new, giving it a cleaning job is a must.
  2. The next step is to start cutting the sticker according to the size and shape of your helmet.
  3. Peel off its backing and properly apply the sticker onto the helmet.
  4. You must start at one end and then slowly and gradually work your way to the other side.
  5. It is recommended to use your fingers so that you can smooth out and eliminate the bubbles.
  6. Let the sticker dry for almost 24 hours.
  7. Voila, you are done!

Laws regarding putting stickers on a motorcycle helmet

There are a few of the rules that you must keep in mind when it comes to putting stickers on a bike helmet:

Law 1- Never tamper, remove, or cover the DOT, SNELL, or ECE labelled stickers

Helmets having a DOT, SNELL, or ECE sticker; ensure that you do not put secondary stickers onto them. These labels have to remain visible on the helmet. In other words, you should not cover, tamper, or remove these stickers in any case.

Manufacturers have embossed these stickers on the helmet, and you must not replace them with any random sticker. Besides, DOY, SNELL, or ECE are marked as ”safety rating stickers,” and some states have made this law very clear that removing or tampering with these stickers is illegal.

Law 2- Avoid putting stickers that have vulgar words or pictures

You should avoid putting those stickers on your motorcycle helmet that are embossed with nasty comments and photographs. Look for the sticker free from profanities, vulgar gestures, and crassness. Such stickers are believed to spark awkward conversations, which are later tough to handle and lead to immense conflict between the two parties.

Police officials and law enforcement personnel might get offended, too. The law enforcement agent might declare your profile as ”delinquent” or ”hoodlum”. So, avoid choosing stickers that have obscenities.

Do stickers damage the helmet texture?

Stickers do not damage the helmet’s texture, color, or body. Its construction does not get weakened at all. You can say that stickers are absolutely harmless for the helmet. These are decorative embellishments and do not bring any risk.

The structural integrity of the helmet is maintained at its peak. Moreover, the adhesive used on the stickers is not strong enough, and it can never break down the helmet’s coating.

The only thing to remember is to avoid placing stickers over visors and vents. If you do so, visibility and breathability will be negatively impacted. 

Just a minor damage is done, and that is the sticky residue that is left behind the decorative stickers. It is suggested to keep the sticky residue as it is and avoid removing it with harsh chemicals. Using harsh chemicals will break down the helmet’s finish.

A decorative sticker will only damage the helmet if you have not applied or removed it properly. And you must not remove the sticker with any sharp object. Doing so will be very damaging to your helmet.

So, we have concluded that stickers do not pose any threat to the helmet’s quality, safety, construction, or functionality.

Kinds of stickers to put on a motorcycle helmet

A variety of stickers is there that you can place on a motorcycle helmet. Below, you can explore more about them:

  • Reflective stickers look quite catchy and trendy on helmets. They also ensure visibility and guarantee the rider’s safety.
  • Some prefer putting decals and vinyl on a helmet. These are the safe options to personalize the helmet in a trendy manner.
  • Some riders custom-paint their helmets. The only drawback of going with the painting option is that the paint fumes might break down the helmet materials as well as seep into the EPS lining. If the lining quality is compromised, your head will no longer be protected. EPS reacts very harshly whenever it gets exposed to chemicals and fumes from paint.

How do you remove stickers from the motorcycle helmet?

There is a specific and straightforward procedure that you must follow to remove stickers from the helmet.

Experts have advised to peel off the sticker with fingers first. If this method does not work, you can grab warm water and a rag. Rub it onto the sticker, and it will definitely be peeled off.

You can even add a drop of dish soap in warm water. This will completely remove the sticky residue from the helmet.

Once you have removed the sticker, rewash it and dry it using a microfiber towel. Do not use razor blades for peeling off the stickers. It will severely damage the helmet materials and surface. 



So, are you ready to put stickers on your motorcycle helmet? You should be! Feel free to put reflective stickers, vinyl cutouts, or custom-paint it; the choice is yours.

Decorating and customizing the helmet will show your personality as a biker. The only point to remember is to put only those stickers and decorative embellishments that are free from vulgarity and do not offend anyone. Please stay connected with us for more updates!

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