Motorcycle Patches to Avoid- Everything you need to know

Motorcycle patches have become the next ”big” thing. But a thin and very fine line exists regarding which bike patches look cool and fashionable and which ones to avoid. 

Here on this page, we have compiled a guide on motorcycle patches to avoid. The common ones are one-percenter, two-percenter and three-percenter patches. Stay away from the Pagans and Hells Angels patch, the Red and White Cross patch, the Sons of Silence and the Mongols patch. These patches have their connections with problematic organizations and illegal and criminal gangs. So, avoid embossing these patches onto your bikes.

The trend of using bike patches is quite old. Motorcycle owners have loved embracing this trend because patches used to give their bikes a powerful, cool and rebellious look.

Motorcycle patches to avoid- Complete list

Before you select any patch, make sure to know its meaning and complete background and history. You can check out the list of motorcycle patches that should be ‘’avoided’’ at any cost:

One-percenter patch

One-percenter patch has to be avoided by motorcyclists at any cost. It does not matter how much you loved embossing stickers onto your bike’s jacket or vest; stay away from 1%er patch. It has a bad history and reputation and will land you in trouble.

Furthermore, this patch has its connection with an outlaw motorcycle club popularly known as the 1% motorcycle club. Its members wore a diamond-shaped patch with 1% stitched in gold or white threads.

During the Gypsy Tour Motorcycle Rally that took place in California, motorcyclists wore vests with the 1% patch, but an unfortunate incident took –place, and that rally ended. From that day, any biker flaunting a 1%er patch is assumed to be a ‘’criminal. They are not counted as legal motorcyclists under the law.

Two-percenter patch

If you are a true and dedicated motorcyclist, always say ”no” to two-percenter patch. Bikers flaunting this patch have linked with the 1%er club members. It is a diamond-shaped patch, and a 2% symbol is embroidered over it. Using this patch means you are affiliated with some gang.

Three-percenter patch

Another motorcycle patch to avoid is the three-percenter patch. It does not have a connection with the 1%er and 2%er club. Basically, it is a patriotic group.

At times, it is assumed to be a rebellious gang because the members of this club have always raised their voices against the United States government whenever it disrupts the Constitution. It is recommended from the experts’ side to avoid this bike patch as much as possible. According to law enforcement personnel, using it will land you in big trouble.

The Pagans patch

The Pagans heavily deal in drugs and weapons. They have been into illegal and criminal activities for ages. Moreover, some of the biggest outlaw motorcycle clubs have strong connections with this Italian mafia.

The patch displays a fire demon sitting on the sun and holding a sword in his hand. It is a creative piece that was inspired by Norse mythology. Your motorcycle jacket must not have the Pagans patch because that is not a wise move as the patch history looks ”dark” and ”raw”.

Hells Angels patch

Say ‘’no’’ to the Hells Angels patch; using this patch signals that you have links with the outlaw motorcycle club! It is assumed to be the most criminal-minded gang in America that deals with drugs and extortion. Moreover, the members had a history of assaulting law enforcement officers.

You should think twice before putting this patch onto your bike’s jacket. The person will be in trouble if the police personnel spot him with this patch. The worst thing can be your next night will be behind bars.

Mongols patch

Abstain using from the Mongols patch! The Mongols motorcycle club’s biggest enemy is the Hells Angels. This club is equally involved in illegal and criminal activities. The patch shows Genghis Khan riding a bike. Though the patch looks quite badass, refrain from wearing it. Especially in Southern California, this patch has received much hate because the Mongols ruled the most here.

The Sons of Silence Patch

Another heinous and monstrous gang whose patch should be avoided is ‘’The Sons of Silence’’ gang. It dealt with arms and is assumed to be the most ruthless gang.

Besides, we saw its involvement in turf wars for territorial control. The patch shows an American eagle, and its wings are spread out right over the letter ”A”. Wearing this patch means you are involved in illicit and illegal activities, so never put on this patch, even for fun purposes.

Bandidos patch

The Bandidos gang is known for certain upsetting and disturbing activities! It is another larger outlaw motorcycle club in America. The patch showcases a fat man wearing a cowboy hat and holding a pistol in his right hand and a sword in his left hand. That looks quite shocking! This gang was involved in drug smuggling and murder. You will straightaway be put in jail if your bike’s jacket has this patch.

Vagos patch

Involved in drug smuggling and dominating the Mexican border- all of you must know about the Vagos gang.

The ‘’god of mischief’’ image is embossed on the patch. ”Loki”, the Nordic God, has always been strongly associated with mischief and fraud. You must avoid this patch to show you are not linked with any outlaw motorcycle club or illegal gang.

Outcast patch

The Outcast gang has a history of dealing in drugs and murdering innocent people. The patch exhibits a black background with a hollow iron cross, and a laughing skull is there, too. Though the patch gives a hardcore vibe, you should never wear it on your bike’s jacket. Never admire this gang because its members are criminals.

Patches with skulls and crossbones

Motorcycle patches with skulls and crossbones are the symbols of death and danger. We know that many bike enthusiasts love embracing this Gothic trend, especially during the time of Halloween, but it is better to refrain from wearing them. These graphics even signify murder, so beware!

White Cross Patch

The White Cross patch has a demonic meaning. By looking at the image, it might give an angelic vibe, but that is not true! The members of this club are known for unearthing dead bodies to steal clothes. That sounds so disgusting and disturbing!

The number 13 patch

The patch having ”number 13” should be avoided. It is believed to be an unlucky number in most of the cultures. Furthermore, the number 13 equals the ”M” alphabet in English, which means that the person is involved in drug and marijuana trading.

Red Cross patch

The Red Cross patch symbolizes that the person is involved in homosexual activities or has been the victim of homosexuality in jail. Note that it is simply an Iron or Maltese cross painted in red. Putting this patch onto your bike’s jacket will look weird, so refrain from embracing it.

The Nazi patch

Opting for a Nazi patch signals a dark sense of humour. If the biker is spotted flaunting a Nazi patch, it might stir up a huge controversy. So, avoid wearing this patch.

Ace of Spades

The ”Ace of Spades” patch tells that a person had a close encounter with death. It can be in the form of a motorcycle crash or street combat. Another interpretation of this patch is that the club member can move mountains for his brothers and country.

The image shows a centerpiece spade. Tough guys love flaunting this patch. You can earn this patch if you are linked with some community support organization, working for a righteous cause, or doing charity work.

D.F.F.L Patch

D.F.F.L stands for ‘’Dope forever, forever loaded’’. It is commonly noticed that some motorcyclists use drugs to ride a bike at high speed. If you use this patch, that will automatically signal to the law enforcement officer that you are on ”drugs” or endorse the use of drugs.


Runes are believed to be the ancient writing system that shows the utmost dedication to White ethnicity. The Vikings commonly embraced this writing system. The Runes patch interprets that you are linked with the white supremacist prison gang. Stay away from it as much as possible.


Motorcyclists should not wear Dequiallo patch. Wearing this patch means you have a history of confronting and assaulting law enforcement officers if they ever stop or arrest you. The person will land in big trouble for sure. So, avoid associating yourself with this club.

‘’81’’ patch

”81” stands for ”H” and ”A” letters. It symbolizes Hells Angels, who had a history of drug dealing and trading.

Why avoid and stay away from certain motorcycle patches?

There are certain bike patches that you have to avoid at any cost. Below, you can check out what justification we have for you:

  • Some patches have symbols that are linked with criminal gangs.
  • Some have connections with illicit organizations.
  • Certain bike patches have offensive symbols and language.
  • Using these patches might signal the police personnel that you are involved in an illegal activity.
  • Genuine and legal motorcycle patches are earned. You cannot put them on your jacket if you have not earned them.
  • You might land yourself in jail.



That is all about the motorcycle patches that you should refrain from using. If you are into the trend of patches, please let us know and share with us which patch you have embossed onto your bike’s jacket and does it give a cool and powerful vibe! Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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