Are Motorcycle Helmet Covers Legal

Motorcycle helmet covers are legal to use as long as they do not hinder or obstruct the rider’s visibility. Experts have advised using only those covers that comply with the safety standards and remain securely fastened.

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Customizing the helmet with stylish and funky covers has become the next big thing. They give the rider a cool and edgy vibe, and your personality as a biker looks just like that of a rockstar. 

When styling and embellishing your helmet with these covers, make sure that they follow the legal and safety benchmarks. Keep them securely fastened with the helmet so the visibility element is not compromised.

It is equally vital for you to consult the local laws and jurisdiction of the state to know whether they have allowed the use of helmet covers or not. Other details have been penned below:

Is it legal to use motorcycle helmet covers?

Yes! it is legal to use helmet covers. You must properly fasten them with your helmet; this way, they will not get loose or obstruct the vision/visibility of the rider. 

Look for a cover that is legal to be used in your state. It should meet the safety standards and benchmarks. Otherwise, you will be charged with a heavy penalty.

Purpose served by a motorcycle helmet cover

A helmet cover serves a variety of purposes. 

  • Its prime job is to protect the helmet from sun and harsh weather conditions.
  • The rider’s visibility is increased. It gets easy for the other motorists to identify you during the night if the cover is made of a reflective material.
  • These covers are assumed to be the most helpful and valuable addition to the rider’s safety arsenal.
  • Experts believe that helmet covers give an extra layer of protection in the event of a crash, impact, shock or fall.
  • Novelty covers have proved to be the fun and most exciting way to embellish your helmets.
  • They are great for special occasions, especially fundraising events and charity parades.
  • These exclusive helmet covers are ideal to be worn during seasonal holidays.
  • It offers more practical use and prevents dust and debris from accumulating on your helmet.
  • The helmet covers reduce wind noise even if you are riding high speed.
  • Remember to wear funky helmet covers if you like indulging in the holiday spirit. In the shops, an immense variety is available. You can put on a Santa cover, Elmo, elf or reindeer cover.

Dangers of wearing a motorcycle helmet cover

There are certain dangers and risks of wearing a bike helmet cover. Wear them with caution; your life safety matters the most.

Too tight or loose covers will risk the rider’s safety and visibility. Below, we have highlighted some of the most crucial points that comprehensively explain the risks of putting on a motorcycle helmet cover:

Traps a lot of heat and moisture

Some riders have complained that helmet covers contribute to the trapping of heat and moisture. This brings discomfort for the rider. Increased heat retention leads to poor ventilation, so putting on a cover on your helmet is not a good idea. 

Furthermore, the rider will feel much more exhausted and dizzy when heat is trapped inside the helmet, which only happens when you use such covers.

If you are really concerned about the ventilation, suffocation and moisture trapping issues, we suggest you avoid wearing a helmet cover.

Scratch or chip the helmet

In addition, these covers might scratch or chip your helmet. Many riders have highlighted this issue that their helmets have lost the originality of their paint and texture because of these covers.

Reduces visibility

If the cover gets loose, it will become challenging for the rider to see, and his life will be at risk if he drives at a high speed. You must repeatedly check that the cover is properly fastened and secured with the helmet. The minute you feel that it is getting loose, tight it again.

The rider cannot hear the sound of horns

Adding such covers to your helmet reduces the rider’s ability to hear surrounding noises. For example, you might not hear the sound of a horn if you have worn a helmet cover.

Risky to be used on the highways

It is recommended from the experts’ side to embrace the use of helmet covers only at city speeds and should never and ever be worn on the highways.

Contributed to collisions

Most police office personnel have complained that helmet covers have contributed to collisions and accidents.

You cannot claim the insurance

If the rider encounters a crash while wearing a helmet cover, the insurance company will use it as an excuse to void the policy, and you cannot claim the insurance.



That is the end of the discussion from our side about the legality of motorcycle helmet covers. Yes, they are entirely legal to use until and unless they do not compromise the rider’s safety and vision.

Double-check whether they are securely fastened. If the cover is too tight or loose, discomfort will be there as long as you are on the bike. More details and updates on motorcycle helmet covers will soon be posted on this platform, so stay tuned and connected with us.

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