How to Tint Motorcycle Windshield?

tinted motorcycle windshield

Tinted windshields block UV rays and provide 360-degree protection from the sun’s glare. They make your bike look more stylish. The privacy element is there too! You must have known that the windshields of bikes are made of plastic, unlike truck or car, which is generally crafted with glass. They are more vulnerable to glare, … Read more

How To Wash Motorcycle Gloves?

cleaned motorcycle gloves

Motorcycle gloves offer amazing protection while on the road, and they are a pivotal item when it comes to safety. With that in mind, there are also various misconceptions regarding these products. It’s a good idea to learn how to wash motorcycle gloves, but some people say that washing them might not even be necessary. … Read more

How to Change Motorcycle Brake Pads?

changing motorcycle brake pad

Restoring your bike’s stopping power should be done on a priority basis. That is specifically done by changing the brake pads regularly. Ignoring replacing them brings the rider’s safety to the riskiest stage and damages other bike components. Maintaining the bike’s braking system has become the crucial practice that every motorist must opt for; only … Read more

How Many Gallons Does A Motorcycle Hold

Filling fuel in motorcycle fuel tank

Motorcycles have become an increasingly popular mode of transportation, offering a thrilling ride and a sense of freedom on the open road. While the sleek design and impressive speed of motorcycles often steal the spotlight, one vital aspect that riders need to consider is fuel capacity.  Knowing how many gallons your motorcycle can hold is … Read more

How to Test a Motorcycle Rectifier?

rectifier testing in lab

Ugh, that moment when you’re all set for a ride, but your bike sputters and quits. It’s enough to ruin your day, right? Well, that pesky little problem might just be your motorcycle rectifier acting up. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Recti-what?” But stay with me. The rectifier, though small, is mighty important. Think … Read more