What States Have a No Chase Law for Motorcycles?

No Chase Law for Motorcycles

You must have heard a lot about the ‘’no chase law’’. States like California, Texas, New Orleans, New Jersey, Iowa, Albany, and Illinois specifically follow this rule for bikes. They have been holding this unique position with respect to the chasing of suspected motorcyclists for years and years. ‘’Public safety’’ is their top concern and … Read more

Do Motorcycles Have Seatbelts?

close up of seat belt

Bikes do not have seatbelts. There is a clear-cut reason and proper justification behind it. In the event of an accident, if the rider is strapped to the seat, the risk of getting hurt is higher. Now you know why bikes lack seatbelts! During falls, riders need more free movement. If they get stuck with … Read more

How to Clean Motorcycle Windshield?

cleaning motorcycle windsheild

Windshields guarantee the utmost protection from bugs, stones, dust, and debris. Even if you have put on the helmet and the visor is there to thoroughly shield the face, still, the windshield has its significance. They ensure you get a smooth driving experience and are no longer disturbed by the wind. What to do if … Read more

How to Jack up a Motorcycle

motorcycle lifted with jack

Jacks are one step ahead of the center stands. They are the most crucial tool for removing motorcycle wheels. In fact, jacks are used for performing basic bike cleaning and maintenance procedures like oiling, washing, and repairing. They keep the bike stable, balanced, and level. You might be wondering how to jack up a motorcycle; … Read more

How Long Do Motorcycle Brake Pads Last

used motorcycle brake pads

Maintenance and replacement of bike brake pads must always be taken seriously. It is the crucial motorcycle component that promises the rider’s safety. Needless to say, you must replace your bike brake pads every 20000 miles. If you notice the vehicle making a strange and awkward sound, it is a clear signal that your brake … Read more