Can You Wear Glasses with a Motorcycle Helmet?

Glasses engineered for motorcycle helmets protect the eyes from dust and debris and keep the wind out. They increase visibility, ensure UV protection, and stay impact-resistant.

If you are still wondering can you wear glasses with a motorcycle helmet? Yes, you must do that! The only thing to ensure is that its design should be helmet-friendly and does not limit your visibility and disturb the comfort level as long as you drive the bike.

Generally, spectacles intended for motorcycles have foam gaskets to keep the dust, debris, and wind out. They offer close-fitting and do not come off or slip off in any case. Helmet-friendly glasses have flexible and thin arms and are easily squeezed into the headgear. Below, you can check out more details regarding whether you can wear glasses with a motorcycle helmet:

Can a rider wear glasses with a motorcycle helmet?

Our answer is YES!

To all motorcycle enthusiasts out there, you must now make it a mandatory practice to wear spectacles whether you are driving during the day or nighttime. The significance of wearing proper safety gear has always been addressed. So, to ensure safety, wear glasses. 

If you have worn spectacles, high winds, and UV rays will not hinder your vision. You can comfortably and safely ride for sure. Furthermore, this safety wear protects your eyes from getting hurt from dirt, debris, and small stones because bumpy roads are usually jam-packed with these elements,

What kind of glasses to wear with a motorcycle helmet?

Specific glasses are launched for bike helmets. Below we have explained what types of spectacles should be worn with a helmet, so let us jump onto the details:

Feature # 1- Impact-resistant structure

Look for glasses that have an impact-resistant and rugged structure. It should keep you safe from serious levels of impact. Moreover, you need ANSI Z87.1-certified glasses. No need to invest in ballistic-rated goggles; ANSI certification seems enough.

Safety eyewear that has fulfilled the ANSI standard has passed high-mass and high-velocity impact tests. If you have chosen goggles that have passed these tests, it means they can easily resist breakage and shattering.

Feature # 2- Offer UV protection 

When driving on a bike, invest in safety eyewear with extensive UV protection. It is challenging to drive comfortably during a hot sunny day if UV rays, including UVA and UVB, continuously hinder your vision. Such rays are extremely dangerous for your eyes.

UV light severely affects the retina and damages the macula. Note that the macula is the key part of your eye intended for delivering the fine and detailed vision. Thus, it is recommended to wear spectacles with a helmet. Instead of risking your eyes, follow this practice! 

Feature # 3- Reduce glare

In addition, glasses reduce glare! If you put on this safety eyewear, it will no longer be hard to see during the cloudier or hotter days.

Riding a bike without goggles leads to photokeratitis. It is a severe eye condition, and surfers and snowboards are often targeted because they spend the most time on reflective surfaces.

Make it a practice to wear glasses with a bike helmet to prevent pain and burning sensation in the eyes. Most goggles are made of polycarbonate material, and this material has the potential to reduce glare and block UV rays.

Feature # 4- Anti-fog lenses

Choosing spectacles with anti-fog lenses for your motorbike’s helmet is recommended. 

Understand that your life’s safety will be at the riskiest stage if you drive a motorcycle during a steamy day and your goggles lack anti-fog lenses. The risk of encountering a severe accident is more; your vehicle will be sidelined and left behind.

Hence, go with prescription glasses with anti-fog coating. Their primary role is to keep eyes safe and well-protected enough and quickly change the water vapor surface tension to prevent fogging.

Feature # 5- Side and top shields

Team up your motorcycle helmet with goggles having side and top shields. It is useless to wear regular and standard sunglasses; they do not guarantee eye protection at all.

Invest in glasses that have wraparound lenses to protect both sides of your eyes, eyebrow section, and temples. Plus, look for a low-profile design that give 360-degree protective coverage to your eyes.

Feature # 6- Blocks blue light

Motorcycle enthusiasts must prefer wearing spectacles with a helmet that can efficiently block blue light.

Note that blue light is just like ultraviolet light. The only difference is that it comes from sources like tablets and smartphones. Riders sometimes take a selfie during the ride, and this practice emits blue light from the phone.

Wear proper safety eyewear to protect your eyes from such dangerous light. Blue light reaching the retina damages it and even contributes to intense digital eye strain.

Preventive measures to keep in mind when riding a motorcycle with glasses

  • Apply anti-fog coating onto your spectacles. This way, visibility will not be impacted by sudden temperature changes and unexpected foggy and steamy weather.
  • Pop your goggles multiple times! It is assumed to be an effective method that lets air enter and blow off the fog.



If there is still confusion on this commonly asked query, we can further guide you. Overall wearing glasses with a motorcycle helmet is a must. Safety is guaranteed; what else do you want? Stay tuned and connected.

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