Can a Motorcycle Helmet Stop a Bullet?

The main role of a helmet is to ensure head protection from impacts, shocks, and falls. It can protect you against bullets but can penetrate a helmet if it is a well-aimed shot.

Here we have tried to pen down every possible detail on the topic, Can a motorcycle helmet stop a bullet? So, let us check out the concerned information.

Remember, helmets are not bulletproof. They can give some level of shielding against bullets, but the person will feel the impact and force for sure. If it is a well-aimed shot, the risk is more even if you have put on the helmet. 

It is assumed that helmets can guard you against bullets if they are shot from small-caliber firearms. Rest, protection is not guaranteed if the firearm is massive.

Is it possible for a motorcycle helmet to stop a bullet?

As mentioned above, 100% safety is not promised! The prime job of a helmet is to endorse head protection and secure it from impacts, falls, and shocks. 

However, if the bullet hits you, some injury will definitely be there.

The level of safety entirely depends on what kind of helmet you have put on and whether the bullet is fired from a small or large caliber firearm.

Helmets made of Kevlar provide more safety than other traditional and standard helmets. If you have been unfortunately shot from a small-caliber handgun, Kevlar-made helmets will deflect the bullet and reduce the percentage of damage. On the other hand, if someone shoots you with a high-powered rifle, a helmet of any type will be unable to protect you.

Most importantly, the bullet travels in the air at 1500 mph. Due to its unique shape, it possesses the heaviest of all penetration potential. So, remember that wearing a helmet protects the head during a crash, but if it is a bullet, no guarantee is there.

Can a ballistic helmet stop or deflect a bullet?

You must have heard about the concept of ballistic helmets. Regular helmets protect the head from severe injury if you have a road accident. They can do nothing if you are shot from a revolver or a light bullet moving at a high velocity.

But bulletproof or ballistic helmets have the potential to deflect and stop the bullet. A ballistic helmet is made of heavy metals like steel. Such a material seems durable and resilient enough to prevent a gunshot.

Types of ballistic helmets that can stop a bullet

Different types of ballistic helmets offer some level of safety against gunshots. Special and military forces extensively use them.

  • Since the 1980s, we have seen the tremendous use of the PASGT Helmet. It is abbreviated as ‘’Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops’’. Furthermore, the US Army reserve has praised using the PASGT Helmet because its outer shell is made of multi-layered Kevlar and can withstand bullets.
  • MICH Helmet, or Advanced combat helmet, is the upgraded and advanced version of the PASGT helmet. Moreover, it is lightweight and gives extensive protection from gunshots. For the information, MICH is abbreviated as ‘’Modular Integrated Communications ballistic helmet’’.
  • FAST Helmet protects the occipital bone that is located at the back of your head. It is engineered on the ‘’Future Assault Shell Technology’’.

Materials that make a helmet bulletproof

Certain materials make a helmet bulletproof, and below we have penned details about them:

  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane is assumed to be the most challenging material that can withstand all kinds of bullets and gunshots. This material is commonly used to make bulletproof/military-level ballistic helmets.
  • The Carbon Fiber shell is also durable, making the helmet somewhat bulletproof. It can tolerate extreme temperature conditions too.

Is it possible for the metal helmet to stop a gunshot?

Metal helmets cannot stop a gunshot. Though metal is the strongest and most durable material, it is not impenetrable.

Gunshots and bullets can easily pierce metal. Have a Kevlar helmet if your life safety is at risk and you need to protect your head. Though it does not give 360-degree protection, you will surely not lose your life if hit by the shot!

The only way to safeguard yourself from gunshots is to put on body armor. It is the only solution that guarantees 100% protection. Body armor is designed to stop and deflect bullets and prevent them from penetrating your skull.



What else do you want to know about the helmets? Please share with us your queries! Time to accept this fact no motorcycle helmet can stop or deflect the shotgun. Some level of safety is given, but a well-aimed shot will definitely penetrate a helmet. Stay connected!

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