What Is Yamaha R1 Top Speed Without Limiter

Yamaha Is a Japanese multinational company that manufactures motorcycles and many other motorized products. Yamaha has produced many motorcycle models, one of which is the R1 model.

The R1 motorcycle model is very popular for so many reasons, one of which is Speed. It has a crazy speed range which makes it a top choice amongst motorcycle lovers. The R1 motorcycle model also has a feature that not everyone knows about. “Top speed without limiter”.

This feature stuns even the most experienced riders. You may be wondering, what is the Yamaha R1 top speed without Limiter? Well, usually the R1 model of the Yamaha motorcycle can go as fast as “180” but without a Limiter, it can go faster! The Yamaha R1 without a limiter can go at an insane speed of 191mph. Riding the R1 Without Limiter unlocks a whole new level of speed that’ll blow your mind. Stick around to find out more about this feature.

Yamaha R1 Models And Their Top Speeds 

The Yamaha R1 motorcycle has several models. The previous models like the new ones all have a high-speed range. But as you know, the latest model has a crazy speed range. With this model, you can go as fast as 293 kilometers per hour (293 Km/h) and up to 182mph. It can go from 0 – 60mph in a matter of 2.64 seconds which is unbelievable. For most bikers, speed is like a drug. The new model of Yamaha R1 supplies enough speed to satisfy the urge. 

Below are some of the R1 models and their top speeds:

Top Speed of The first generation of Yamaha R1 (1998 -1999)

This is the first model of the Yamaha R1 motorcycle. Its features include a stacked gearbox design, an exhaust ultimate power valve that allows for an even spread of power, and a top speed of about 168mph. The 1999 model came with a new color modification and a reduction in the fuel reserve capacity from 5.5 liters to 4 liters.

Top Speed of Yamaha R1 2000 – 2001 Model

This model was created to enhance the features of the 1998 – 1999 model. There was no change in the design, especially in the 2000 model. Rather, improvements were made in specific areas, especially the engine.

There was also a 5-pound reduction in the weight of the bike with the front slightly sharper causing a 3% reduction in the drag coefficient of the bike. The top speed also increased from 170mph to 172 mph.

Top Speed of Yamaha R1 2002 – 2003 Model:

In this model, the body was modified into a sharper frame. It is also the first R1 model to adopt a fuel injection mechanism. It also features new cylinder sleeves of high magnesium and silicon content that help to reduce the level of fuel consumption and heat distribution.

This constitutes a cooling effect that prevents the engine from overheating. “The DeltaBox III” frame is the biggest modification to the bike. With this, the bike’s rigidity increased by 30%. The rear light was also replaced with an LED unit. Those large rectangular indicators were swapped with blade-style blinkers. The top speed was about 175mph.

Top Speed of Yamaha R1 2004 – 2005 Model

This model features the ‘DeltaBox V’  frame and a whole new bodywork, twin exhaust, and the ‘Ram-air’ assisted engine was modified with new crankcases coupled with a sleeveless cylinder block. These modifications made this the R1 model with the highest maximum power to date. It has a top speed of about 179mph.

Top Speed of Yamaha R1 2006 Model

The only modification to this model has to be the 20mm increase in the swing arm. This modification was made to enhance the stability of the bike during acceleration. It was a limited edition. It has a top speed of about 175mph.

Top Speed of Yamaha R1 2007 – 2008 Model

This model features a new engine. The engine consists of four valves instead of the conventional Yamaha’s five valves. The 2007 model made use of a race-derived technology which made it a superbike of high market demand. It has a top speed of about 182mph

Top Speed of Yamaha R1 2009 – 2014 Model

This particular model of the R1 motorcycle was the first production motorcycle of its kind. It features a new ‘MotoGP’ derived cross-plane crank motor. This put the connecting rods at a 90% distance from the next. The bike also features a pre-selectable riding mode plus a YCC-T fly-by-wire throttle system.

Apart from the under-tail exhaust feature from the previous models, every other feature was changed or enhanced. In 2012 a traction control feature and an updated nose unit were added to the model. This model has a top speed of about 185mph.

Top Speed of 2015 – 2019 Model of Yamaha R1 & R1M

With this model, Yamaha went full upgrade. The 2015 Yamaha R1 was more negligible in size and lighter in weight. It is also lighter, quicker, and more powerful than the previous models of the R1 motorcycles.

Some of the features of the upgrade include a traction control system, a slide control system, linked anti-lock brakes, an anti-wheelie lift control system, a quick shift system, a launch control system, etc.

The R1M model is a limited-run model that features a semi-active Öhlins suspension, a bodywork of carbon fiber, a Yamaha’s communication control unit, track-focused Bridgestone tires, and a Y-TRAC data logging. This model has a top speed limit of about 191mph

Yamaha R1 2020 Model

This model has many common features with the previous models. There are, however, a few modifications made to enhance its performance. This model has a top speed limit of around 186mph.

How To Remove Speed Limit On Yamaha R1

Top Speed of Yamaha R1 Models Compared

Yamaha R1 (1998 -1999)168mph
Yamaha R1 2000 – 2001172mph
Yamaha R1 2002 – 2003175mph
Yamaha R1 2004 – 2005179mph
Yamaha R1 2006175mph
Yamaha R1 2007 – 2008182mph
Yamaha R1 2009 – 2014185mph
Yamaha R1 2015 – 2019191mph
Yamaha R1 2020186mph

How To Remove Speed Limit On Yamaha R1

If you want to ride the R1 without having to worry about the speed limit then all you have to do is get the ECU flash to remove the restriction. This can be done easily by a good company. 

However, if you want to do that by yourself, all you need to do is follow the steps below;

  • First, open the tune in C3
  • Then, locate the Rev/Speed limit folder
  • Click on the Top Vehicle Speed limit, the current limit in mph where the speed limiter is currently set will be displayed.
  • Click on the current speed limit number displayed, and edit to your desired figure.
  • If you intend to have the limiter removed, just adjust the speed limit value to a number that the bike will never reach, and the speed limit will not come into play, virtually, removing it. 
Removing the speed limit on your motorcycles using ECU flash may go against state regulations and compromise safety. Let's prioritize safe riding practices for the well-being of all road users.



The Yamaha R1 is one of the motorcycle models with a crazy speed range. However, when combined with the “Top speed without limiter” feature, the Yamaha R1 can go at a surprisingly sonic speed that keeps even the most experienced drivers stunned in awe.

However, if not handled by the most experienced hands, this feature might not end well. So, before you hop on that bike, ask yourself, can you handle a speed that knows no bounds? If you can, the world is yours to explore with the Yamaha R1 top speed without a Limiter. 

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