Harley Davidson Dash Warning Lights Meaning

Unfortunately, you may leave the dealership on your brand-new Harley, but you may not travel more than five miles before a warning light appears. Or, when they begin flashing, you might be a thousand miles away from home. What are they saying? What does that mean?

Fortunately, the meanings of Harley’s dash lights are relatively easy to understand. Some advise you of maintenance that may be needed or, better yet, that was completed. Others warn you of impending doom, such as an overheated engine.

In this guide, we’ll go over all the different Harley dash lights and their Meanings so you can hit the open road with confidence. After reading this article, you’ll know what is the Harley Davidson Dash Warning Lights Meaning, and understand the message it’s trying to send.

Color Coding

The indicators should ideally be 3 major colors.

  • Green/Blue: These colors are used to denote the system’s typical activity.
  • Amber/Yellow: The color amber serves as a warning signal that something is about to go awry.
  • Red: This is a warning color that denotes a problem with the system. So, halt your vehicle and check right away.

Recognize the Warning Lights on Harley Dashboard

Recognize the Warning Lights

1. Motorcycle ignition light

This sign has red illumination. It has two places of activation. When you turn on the ignition, to begin with. It turns on to show that your engine is operating normally.

The signals should all illuminate when starting the engine and then go away.

Second, if it appears while you’re riding. This is a worrying symptom that suggests there may be an issue with the engine.

Driving safely while wearing this is possible, but it is better to have your engine examined for corroded batteries that require replacement.

2. Anti-lock braking system alert (ABS)

All Harley-Davidson motorcycle models have an anti-lock braking system (ABS) installed to stop motorcycles from skidding and to make riding safer for the user.

Until the motorcycle picks up a speed of 10-15 mph, this indicator is on. The indicator is then turned off and the system is switched on.

If the light stays on, your ABS system has a problem that has to be looked at, but the good news is that it doesn’t damage the standard brakes.

3. Red key light

Your Harley Davidson’s red key light primarily serves as a security system indicator. The status of the bike’s security system is shown by this red key light.

The Red Key Light actually operates similarly to the car’s Check Engine Light (CEL), which often keeps track of diagnostic fault codes that the Turn Signal (TSM/TSSM) or Security module has set.

Every time you start the bike, this red light goes out, signaling that the security system has been turned off.

However, if the bike starts and moves but the red key light remains steady without flickering, the Harley has set off a diagnostic issue code (DTC).

4. Pressure of motor oil

The engine’s primary lubricant for preventing wear and tear is oil. Therefore, this indication typically remains dead and the pressure is high.

This sign turns on in red to indicate a significant malfunction, though, if the pressure drops or if there is a leak.

If you want to keep your engine, you must see a mechanic as soon as you can.

5. Engine temperature warning light

Because electrical wiring surrounds the engine and overheating can generate a spark, this is a worrying symptom.

Therefore, whenever this warning appears, check for any cooling system leaks or depletions and refill the system. Before starting the engine again, let it cool off.

6. Light for engine management

This amber-colored indicator keeps track of how the engine is running, from the ignition to the intake, fuel, and exhaust.

Check your engine as soon as you can if this light continues to be on.

7. Motorcycle neutral sign

The least annoying indication on the dashboard is this one. This green indicator means that everything is set up normally.

8. Orientation indicators

When driving, use this green signal to indicate which way you are willing to turn. When both of them are being used, it signals a hazard to other motorists.

9. Sign of a low battery

This unique Harley symbol is used on its motorcycles to denote the presence of a battery issue.

10. Cruise Control

This light indicates if the cruise control is active or if there’s a fault.

11. Traction Control (if equipped):

If your Harley has traction control, a light will indicate if it’s engaged or if there’s a fault in the system.



We’ve now looked at the various features of motorcycle dashboards and what they’re used for. All these features are important, so make sure you understand them before setting off on your journey!

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