Yamaha Bolt Top Speed and Specs

The Yamaha Bolt motorcycle is ”born with performance”. It is exclusively known for its top speed, which goes up to 106 mph. The agile nature and V-twin engine producing ample power and low-end torque promise the safest, smoothest, and fun riding time.

Its design blends a modern and old-school soul vibe. Together, we will explore every detail about Yamaha Bolt top speed, so without further ado, let us jump into the details:

If you are looking for a bike that combines a modern avatar and an old-school simplicity vibe- then the Yamaha Bolt is the one for you. So far, it is the top of the Bolt line American-style cruiser model.

The V-twin engine adds maximum power while maintaining this bike’s agile nature and overall aesthetics. In addition, it has a low seat height, steel fenders, a bobber-style saddle, and a traditionally designed teardrop fuel tank.

Yamaha Bolt Top Speed: 106 mph


ModelYamaha BoltSeat height27.2 inches
Engine942ccBore x stroke85.0mm x 83.0mm
Power65 hpCompression ratio9.0:1
Torque59.3 lb-ftFuel systemFuel injection
Weight542 lbsTransmission5-speed
StarterElectricClutchMulti-plate wet clutch
Final driveBeltBrakes front and rearHydraulic single disc
Fuel tank capacity3.4 galSuspension front/rearTelescopic fork/ Dual piggyback shocks

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Engine, top speed and performance

”Luxury and power”- yes, that defines the Yamaha Bolt exactly. It features a high-end and cutting-edge 942cc 4-stroke V-twin engine that takes the speed up to 106 mph. The rider will catch up with excellent power and a superior amount of low-end torque.

Besides, the bike features low-friction internals. It has specially designed roller-type rocker arms that keep friction loss to ”zero” or ”minimum” mode and push the engine to achieve maximum speed.

Fuel efficiency and practicality 

The advanced cylinder design that comes in the form of a pent-roof combustion chamber ensures an efficient combustion process and maximum power production. It does not consume extra fuel and, in fact, saves it due to the ceramic composite plating on the cylinder.

The twin-bore fuel injection mechanism produces the most substantial acceleration, making the urban riding time fun, exciting, and 100% thrilling. Rest, the stainless steel air cleaner promises excellent intake fuel efficiency and boost torque characteristics.

Design and aesthetics

In terms of design, this bike has won our hearts. It has an American sports cruiser look, and you will feel like you are on a Harley-Davidson Sportster or Bonneville Bobber. This café racer or cruiser-styled motorcycle has got immense love worldwide. Its upgraded versions are available in “R” and “C” models. They have ABS brakes as well as uprated rear shock absorbers.

The round-shaped headlights take us back to the historical times. And the round LCD updates us about the critical metrics. Furthermore, the cast blackout rims add more of a symmetrical vibe to the bike’s structure. The front fork’s inner tube diameter is 41mm, bringing extensive strength and rigidity to the whole body.

Horsepower and compression ratio

Drive like a boss- and Yamaha Bolt ensures you achieve this milestone in one go. This super-stylish motorcycle produces 65 horsepower, a displacement of 942cc, and 59.3 pound-feet of torque. The compression ratio stays mild, and it is 9-to-1.

Riding comfort

The handlebar of the Yamaha Bolt encourages and pushes the rider to be in a forward-leaning posture. It supports an upright riding position and makes long-distance rides tiring-free. 

A fun ride is definitely guaranteed from the side of Yamaha Bolt. The lightweight and high-performing pistons contribute to maximum speed, increased durability, and reduced vibration.

Double cradle frame 

The rider will not have any trouble while using the Yamaha Bolt. The double-cradle frame and low seat height let you easily handle the bike. You remain seated in a perfect riding position for hours and hours without getting exhausted.

Agile wheelbase

Another noticeable feature is the agile wheelbase. It allows you to make precise and tight turns. Modern wheels and tires are installed, too. The cast alloy wheels and tubeless tires offer excellent grip in any terrain and road condition.

Powerful brakes

So, have the Yamaha Bolt, known for its powerful braking system. The front and rear disc brakes use wave rotors to resist heat and contribute to maximum speed.

Yamaha bolt models and their top speeds

Model Top speed
Yamaha Bolt (2017 – present)106 mph
Yamaha Bolt R-Spec (2017 – present)106 mph
Yamaha Bolt C-Spec (2016 – present)41 mph
Yamaha V-star Bolt R Cafe (2014 – 2016)106 mph



Our big thumbs up are given to Yamaha Bolt! The above details clearly state that this bike is a worthy investment.

The air-cooled V-twin engine, 106 mph top speed, rider-focused engine, steel fenders, low seat height, low-end torque, and modern engineered wheels and tires have made this bike a world-class model.

Yamaha’s advanced technology is injected into this model to make the riding experience ultimately fun and super-safe. You will get class-leading performance and top-notch speed on all terrains and road conditions.

Delivering low and mid-range torque lets you catch up with a stable handling feel, comfortable seating time, and light maneuverability. So, drive like a ”boss” and own a Yamaha Bolt in the most distinctive style.

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