Do I Need a Motorcycle License for a 150cc Scooter?

If you own a 150cc scooter, you definitely need a Class M license. Most states have made it mandatory for bike owners to carry this license if they drive a 150cc bike on the roads and busy streets. Failure to obtain this license will give you a heavy punishment, severe legal consequences, and a fine you must pay in the form of cash. 

We have penned all the details on the topic: Do I need a motorcycle license for a 150cc scooter? So, check them out!

It is noticed that 150cc motorcycles exceed 50mph speed, so you need to apply for a class M license before officially taking the bike onto the road. Other details are written below:

Which license is required for bikes having 150cc engine capacity?

As mentioned above, you need a class M license for all bikes, motorcycles and scooters with 150cc engine capacity. You cannot operate the bike in any state or country if you do not have this respective license in your hands. The rest of the requirements vary from state to state and country to country, so check those laws before driving a bike on a public road.

Furthermore, some states have made it compulsory to register the bike and get liability insurance at the same time. These are crucial and most important endorsements that you have to obtain before taking the 150cc motorcycle on the road.

How do you get a class M license for a 150cc scooter?

There is a specific way to get a class M1 license for operating a scooter with 150cc engine displacement. Suppose you are in California and want to apply for this license. You can see how this process goes and familiarize yourself with the overall procedure:

  • You must pass a written test, a vision screening test and a road skill test.
  • The candidate has to give proof of his identity, legal presence and residency details.
  • You need to have liability insurance coverage for your bike.
  • A few states ask the candidate to complete and pass a ”motorcycle safety course’‘ before applying for a license.
  • You must check the local DMV Department of Motor Vehicles because requirements to get the license for a 150cc scooter vary from state to state.
  • Your bike has to be street-legal and comply with every single local law and regulation.
  • Your scooter has to be correctly registered.
  • California needs a class M or MJ license. On the other hand, Florida and Texas require a standard driver’s license with some additional bike endorsements.
  • You must read out the motorcycle’s driver handbook to pass the written test. In addition, gain enough knowledge about traffic laws as well as safe and secure riding practices.
  • To pass the road test, you must display your excellent ability to operate a 150cc bike safely on the busiest streets and roads.
  • Submit all documents when applying for the license; incomplete documents are not entertained.
  • Purchase motorcycle insurance and ensure it meets every liability coverage requirement of the state.

Thus, that is all! The DMV will issue a class M license if you have fulfilled these requirements and eligibility criteria.

Why is it essential to get a license for a 150cc scooter?

You must try your level best to get a license for a 150cc scooter. Lots of benefits are offered if you are successful in obtaining this license. Below, you can see the details of what exactly we are talking about:

Benefit 1- You enjoy freedom and mobility

The 150cc bike owner enjoys immense freedom and mobility if he obtains a class M license. You will no longer be restricted by public transportation schedules and be allowed to take the bike on any busy street or road, which is fantastic!

Benefit 2- Cost-effective mode of transportation

Riding a 150cc bike means you have embraced the most cost-effective mode of transportation. No wonder motorcycles with 150cc engine capacity save a lot of fuel and other costly aspects when it comes to travelling from one place to another.

Benefit 3- Easy and hassle-free parking

Owning a license for a 150cc scooter means you will not see any hassle or convenience in parking the bike. No traffic police personnel will bring hindrance or glitch or enquire about why you have parked the bike here.

Benefit 4- Improved riding ability

Obtaining a class M license will improve and upgrade your riding ability. Those who have acquired the license must also have passed the motorcycle safety course. This aspect guarantees that the person will safely ride the bike on the roads, busy streets, and even on the highways.

Benefit 5- Sense of pride 

You enjoy the ultimate sense of pride and the feeling of being a responsible citizen if you have a class M license for your 150cc scooter. Acquiring this license clearly shows that you are concerned about your life safety.

What do we mean by a 150cc scooter?

The ”cc” stands for cubic centimeters. Note that it is the measurement of the engine chamber size. In other words, it is the volume of the engine’s cylinder. The cc number describes how much power the engine can quickly produce.

The general rule is that the higher the cc number, the more resilient and powerful the engine is and the faster the bike will run. The lower the cc number, the slower the bike will run and the lower its engine power.

Bike engines usually and generally start from 50cc and go all the way up to 500cc. Besides, the 150cc scooter can easily reach up to 60 mph and is the ideal option for city commuting and short-distance highway rides.

More about acquiring a license for a 150cc scooter

  • Get a Class M2 license if the engine size is larger than 150cc.
  • In California, a bike, motorcycle, or scooter is defined as a motor that comes with two or three wheels.
  • If you cannot obtain a license in Florida, you can apply for an endorsement instead.
  • In Ohio, the individual must get a scooter license or endorsement for legally operating this vehicle on the road. Additionally, you need to meet the insurance and registration requirements.
  • Scooters with ‘’smaller engines’’ or less than 50cc are popularly known as mopeds. You can drive this respective vehicle without getting a license in states like Colorado and Arkansas.
  • Scooters with ”larger engines”, like more than 50cc, are legally included in the category of ”motorcycles”, and you need to have a license for them.
  • You can legally drive the 150cc scooter if you are 16 years of age.
  • If you are under 18 years of age in California, you have to obtain a motorcycle permit first of all.
  • In Washington, you can have a regular driver’s license to drive a 150cc scooter legally. This rule applies to both two and three-wheeled vehicles.



So, what’s the bottom line? If someone asks you whether getting a license for a 150cc bike is vital? The answer will be: Yes!

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