Do I Need a Motorcycle License for a 150cc Scooter?

driving scooter

If you own a 150cc scooter, you definitely need a Class M license. Most states have made it mandatory for bike owners to carry this license if they drive a 150cc bike on the roads and busy streets. Failure to obtain this license will give you a heavy punishment, severe legal consequences, and a fine … Read more

Can You Patch a Motorcycle Tire?

motorcycle tire patch

Tires have leaks and holes; it is simply a mess to see. So, what to do? The straightforward solution is to ”patch a tire”. Below, we have penned the essential and much-needed details on: Can you patch a motorcycle tire? The results depend on the location and nature of the damage. You can only repair … Read more

How to Make Motorcycle Exhaust Quieter?

motorcycle exhaust closeup

Motorcycles are louder, but too much noise annoys the rider and disturbs the rest of the people too.  Multiple tried-and-tested techniques have been compiled that make the motorcycle exhaust quieter. To make a motorcycle exhaust quieter, install a compatible silencer or baffle, repair any exhaust leaks & patch holes, wrap the exhaust pipes with soundproofing … Read more

What States Have a No Chase Law for Motorcycles?

No Chase Law for Motorcycles

You must have heard a lot about the ‘’no chase law’’. States like California, Texas, New Orleans, New Jersey, Iowa, Albany, and Illinois specifically follow this rule for bikes. They have been holding this unique position with respect to the chasing of suspected motorcyclists for years and years. ‘’Public safety’’ is their top concern and … Read more

Do Motorcycles Have Seatbelts?

close up of seat belt

Bikes do not have seatbelts. There is a clear-cut reason and proper justification behind it. In the event of an accident, if the rider is strapped to the seat, the risk of getting hurt is higher. Now you know why bikes lack seatbelts! During falls, riders need more free movement. If they get stuck with … Read more