How to Make Motorcycle Exhaust Quieter?

Motorcycles are louder, but too much noise annoys the rider and disturbs the rest of the people too. 

Multiple tried-and-tested techniques have been compiled that make the motorcycle exhaust quieter.

To make a motorcycle exhaust quieter, install a compatible silencer or baffle, repair any exhaust leaks & patch holes, wrap the exhaust pipes with soundproofing materials, and consider upgrading to a quieter aftermarket exhaust system.

On this platform, you can check out more details on how to make motorcycle exhaust quieter, so let us dive into this section:

Tip 1- Install baffles

Installing baffles definitely makes a motorcycle exhaust quieter. You must have known that baffles come in the form of porous tube shapes. They are usually inserted inside the muffler. The key role performed by these tubes is to reduce exhaust sound levels.

Furthermore, baffles come in many shapes. You can have them in small to large sizes, fiberglass, or center baffles. Choose the one that syncs with the muffler style. It is assumed that fiberglass baffles seem the best to make the bike exhaust noise-free. It will stay far quiet, and that is for sure. Experts have claimed that installing a baffle decreases the overall sound levels by 10 dB.

Tip 2- Opt for longer mufflers or slip-on mufflers

Opting for longer and larger mufflers ultimately leads to quieter and noise-free exhaust noise levels. Such mufflers take a longer time to absorb and eliminate the sound waves.

Moreover, you can go with the slip-on muffler! In such a case, your bike gets two muffler units resulting in reduced or almost no exhaust sound. Both of these tips work if you want to soundproof your motorcycle exhaust. Note that mufflers are perforated tubes, and their prime job is to deflect sound waves, which are generally caused by the bike’s engine. It quickly dampens the noise released by the two-wheeler.

Tip 3- Patch holes in the motorcycle exhaust pipe

Patching holes in the motorcycle exhaust pipe can make it soundproof. The existence of holes in the pipe produces unwanted, annoying noise. You must routinely examine for any leaks in the pipe. 

A higher noise level is the primary symptom that the bike’s exhaust is getting leaked. Look for scorch marks and holes regularly. You can fix these holes by applying an epoxy sealer. Some prefer using a sealant on the smaller holes. Cover the larger holes with the help of repair patches or bandages and exhaust paste. Remember to tighten the bolts and screws if they have become loose; this also creates holes in the exhaust.

Common signs of a leaked exhaust are distinctive ticking noises, faulty gasket, loose exhaust bolts, loud popping and backfiring, louder idle and overheating, and exhaust discoloration. It will also give out a burning smell if there is a leakage problem. The minute you spot any hole, patch it up without delay.

Tip 4- Get a new pipe

If it is difficult to patch the hole, get new pipes for your bike’s exhaust. Different exhaust pipes are available in the market. Choose the pipe material that your bike’s exhaust supports.

Mild steel and stainless steel exhausts are budget-friendly options. They make the exhaust quieter and suppress noise but tend to overheat quickly.

Aluminum exhaust pipes have low strength. They are not the appropriate pipe material that one should go for.

Titanium and ceramic-coated steel exhaust pipes always deliver high performance. They show improved resistance to heat and eliminate unwanted noise levels at their best.

quitter motorcycle exhaust

Tip 5- Use exhaust wraps

The demand for exhaust wraps is getting massive. Motorcyclists use them excessively because they tend to keep the exhaust noise-free and 100% quieter and minimize heat. Besides, it suppresses vibrations and eliminates unwanted sound levels. It is recommended to use the good-quality sound-dampening wrap on the bike. Poor-quality wraps do not serve the desired purpose.

Tip 6- Get a silencer for your bike

Get a silencer and make the exhaust of your motorcycle quiet. Riders now prefer a noise-free exhaust system, so they use a silencer. A standard silencer is packed with fiberglass wrapping whose main job is to shrink the exhaust’s opening and make it completely soundproof. When buying a silencer, ensure it matches the exhaust pipe diameter.

Tip 7-Go for routine inspection

Lastly, go for routine inspection, maintenance, and servicing if the bike’s exhaust is producing too much noise. You can make it soundproof by inspecting every component of it. Whether the issue is minor or major, repair it.



Thus, that is all about the proven techniques for getting a quieter and noise-free exhaust. You can follow the tips mentioned earlier whenever your bike’s exhaust is getting loud. Time to bid goodbye to noisy exhausts!

You must make the riding time comfortable and pleasant enough, and you can ensure this by patching holes in the bike’s exhaust pipe, using exhaust wrapping, purchasing a silencer, or installing new pipes into the exhaust.

You can share with us anytime what tips and hacks you follow to bring the motorcycle to the quieter and soundproof mode. Stay tuned and connected with us!

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