How Much Does It Cost To Stretch A Motorcycle?

Stretching a Motorcycle gives you more room and an aggressive look to your motorcycle. It is a process that can also significantly improve the performance of your bike. The question is, how much does it cost to stretch a motorcycle? The stretching of a motorcycle often costs between $400 and $600. Depending on the motorcycle’s make, model, and the sort of stretch being done, the cost to stretch a motorcycle can change. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at the cost of stretching, why would you consider stretching your motorcycle, what factors affect the stretching cost, and how to reduce it. So, keep reading below.

Why would you stretch a motorcycle?

There are a few reasons why you might want to stretch a motorcycle. Just check out these:

1. To make the motorcycle look cool

This is probably the most popular reason for stretching a motorcycle. When you see a stretched bike, it just looks cool. It has a unique look that is different from a stock bike, and it can make your motorcycle stand out from the crowd. In addition, this can help you to show off your custom work. You can also use vinyl wrapping to give your ride a cooler look.

2. For improving the handling of the motorcycle

Another reason to stretch a motorcycle is that it helps to improve the handling f the motorcycle. As stretching the bike lowers its center of gravity, which gives it better handling characteristics. When you’re taking corners at high speeds, this can be the difference between making it and wiping it out.

3. Make the motorcycle more comfortable to ride

It might be more comfortable for you to ride a motorcycle if you stretch it if you are tall. This is because you’ll be able to sit in a more natural position and won’t have to hunch over as much. Also, if you have long legs, then stretching the motorcycle can give you more legroom so that you’re not cramped up while riding. So, if comfort is a priority for you, then stretching the motorcycle might be a worthwhile idea.

4. To lighten the motorcycle

When you add a much larger rear tire, you are also effectively adding weight to the motorcycle. So, to make up for this and keep the motorcycle’s weight down, you need to stretch the frame. This will also help to keep the motorcycle’s center of gravity low, making it more stable and easier to handle.

5. For enhancing the motorcycle’s traction

A stretched motorcycle will have more contact with the ground, which means that it will have better traction. This is especially beneficial if you ride in slippery conditions or off-road. Besides, a stretched motorcycle is also less likely to skid or lose control. Therefore, if you want to improve your motorcycle’s traction, consider stretching it.

Factors Affecting the cost of stretching a motorbike:

1. The size of the motorbike:

The size of the motorbike you want to stretch will affect the cost. Larger motorcycles will cost more to stretch than smaller motorcycles because there is more material to work with. People who want to stretch their motorcycle for cosmetic reasons may be willing to pay more for a bigger bike.

2. Type of motorbike:

The cost of stretching a motorcycle can also be affected by the type of motorcycle. For example, sports bikes generally have more curves and contours than cruiser motorcycles. This means that there may be more work involved in stretching a sport bike, and the cost will reflect that. Moreover, custom motorcycles may be more expensive to stretch because they require more work. For the most part, the cost will vary depending on the make and model of the motorcycle.

3. Extent of the stretch: 

The extent of the stretch you want will also affect the cost. If you only want a slight stretch, it will be less expensive than if you want a more significant stretch. This is because a more extensive stretch will require more work, and thus, will be more expensive.

4. The location:

The location of where you want the motorcycle to be stretched can also play a role in the cost. If you live in a rural area, it may be more expensive to have the work done because there may not be as many businesses that offer this service. On the other hand, if you live in a major city, there will likely be more options and the cost may be lower.

How can you reduce the cost of stretching a motorcycle?

Reducing the cost of stretching a vehicle is possible in several ways. Some of them are given below:

When stretching a motorcycle, taking your time and doing the job correctly is critical. This means that you should not try to rush the project. Rushing can lead to mistakes, which can be very costly. Follow all instructions carefully and take your time. This will help to ensure a successful project and a lower cost.

1. Use less expensive materials:

Stretching a motorcycle can also be reduced by using less expensive materials. When stretching a motorcycle, you will need to purchase several different parts. If you use less expensive materials, you can save money on the project’s overall cost. Be sure to compare prices before you purchase any materials.

2. Ask for discounts:

When stretching a motorcycle, you may be able to get discounts from motorcycle part suppliers. If you are a member of a motorcycle club, you may be able to get a discount on parts. You can also check with your local motorcycle shop to see if they offer any discounts. Be sure to ask about any discounts that may be available.

3. Do it yourself:

If you are experienced with mechanics and tools, you may be able to stretch a motorcycle yourself. Using this method can reduce the project’s overall cost. Be sure to research the process thoroughly before attempting it yourself. If you are not experienced with mechanics, it is wise to leave this task to a professional.

Following these guidelines can reduce the cost of stretching a motorcycle.

Pros and cons of stretching your motorcycle


  • It’s the best method for extending or enlarging your motorcycle’s wheelbase.
  • Instead of spending a lot of money on a pricey lift, you can get a decent deal by employing inexpensive jacks and stands.
  • Stretching your motorcycle will have a huge impact on how it handles, so you should try it.
  • Stretching a motorcycle gives it a cooler and more aggressive look.


  • Maintaining a motorcycle requires time, effort, and knowledge (or money to hire someone who does).
  • When a motorcycle is stretched, the rear end lengthens while the front end remains the same. This alters the bike’s turning characteristics and your comfort level.
  • If you attempt to lengthen or expand the wheelbase of your motorcycle without first doing your homework, you risk doing major damage to it. Before beginning, be sure the jacks and stands you use are designed specifically for motorcycles.
  • If you don’t leave yourself enough space to work with, widening a motorcycle can lead to clearance problems.
  • Additionally, if you prolong your motorcycle without utilizing the proper metal, you run the risk of weakening it.


Final Verdict:

Stretching a motorcycle can be safe if done correctly. Your motorcycle’s wheelbase can be extended, which makes it more stable and comfortable to ride. It can also enhance the appearance of your motorcycle. 

While stretching a motorcycle, observing all recommendations and exercising caution is essential. Before continuing, seek advice from a qualified technician if you have any questions or uncertainties.

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