Harley Road King Vs Street Glide

The Harley-Davidson Road King and Street Glide are two of the most popular Touring motorcycles on the market. Both bikes offer plenty of power and comfort for long-distance riding, but they have some important differences.

I am a long-time Harley-Davidson fan and have owned several of their motorcycles over the years. My current bike is a Road King and I have owned it for several years. I have also owned a Street Glide in the past.

Both bikes are great for long-distance touring and are very comfortable to ride. However, some differences between them may make one more suitable for you than the other read on to know about those differences in detail!

How Do Harley Street Glides And Road Glides Differ? 

The main difference between Harley Street Glides and Road Glides is that Street Glides have a more traditional touring motorcycle look, while Road Glides have a more modern look.

Road Glides also have a few more features than Street Glides, such as a fairing-mounted headlight and a frame-mounted fairing.

Other differences include the Street Glide having a traditional twin-shock rear suspension, while the Road Glide has a single-shock rear suspension. Moreover, the headlight on the Road Glide has two rings of light, while the Street Glide has only one ring.

Harley Road King Vs Street Glide – Detailed Comparison

A few major differences between the two bikes are worth noting.

1. Appearance

The first notable difference is in their appearance. The Street Glide has a streamlined and aerodynamic design, whereas the Road Glide features a more rugged and sporty look. This makes it better suited for riding on rough terrain, while the other bike is ideal for smooth city roads or highways.

2. Seating arrangements

The Street Glide has a single seat, whereas the Road Glide has two seats. This makes it better suited for long road trips with a companion, as you can share the driving and riding experience with your partner. On the other hand, if you are looking for more space or to be able to carry extra luggage, the Street Glide is better suited for you.

3. Handling

The Street Glide offers more agility and nimble handling, making it ideal for city riding and navigating through traffic. On the other hand, the Road Glide is built for stability and comfort even at higher speeds. If you are looking for a bike that can easily take you from the city to the open road, the Road Glide is the better choice.

4. Performance and engine power

Both bikes are equipped with powerful engines that offer great torque and acceleration. However, the Road Glide has a larger and more powerful engine, which gives it an advantage when riding at high speeds or in situations where extra power is needed. If you prefer a bike that provides plenty of power and performance, the Road Glide is the better choice.

5. Features and technology

The Street Glide comes with a more advanced infotainment system that allows you to stream music or podcasts from your phone, as well as access GPS navigation features and other useful functions. However, it does not have the same level of adjustability or customization options that the Road Glide offers.

6. Cost and availability

Harley-Davidson dealerships sell both bikes, but you may find that the Street Glide is less expensive. In terms of cost, this may be a deciding factor for some buyers. However, if you are looking for the most impressive performance and features, you may opt for the Road King.

7. Safety features

Anti-lock braking systems, traction control, and electronic stability controls are all included on both bikes. However, the Street Glide has a slightly better track record in terms of safety ratings and accident statistics.

8. Weight

The Road Glide is a heavier bike, which can make it more difficult to handle at slower speeds. However, once you get used to the weight, the bike handles very well and provides excellent stability even when riding at high speeds or in challenging road conditions.

Street Glide is 25 lbs lighter than Road Glide, increasing the acceleration and braking time while riding. Read more details on their weights

9. Reliable

Both bikes are known for their reliability and durability and are built to stand up to the rigors of long road trips. But street Glide is a more reliable option than Road Glide because they are proven to have fewer mechanical issues.

Overall, both Harley Street Glide and Road Glide are great bikes with many similar features. If you prefer comfort and style over ruggedness, then the Street Glide is ideal for you.

However, if your focus is on functionality and versatility, then the Road Glide is the right choice for you. Whether you are looking for a touring bike or a commuter, either of these bikes is sure to meet your needs. So which one will you choose?

FeatureHarley Road KingHarley Street Glide
EngineMilwaukee-Eight 107 V-twinMilwaukee-Eight 107 V-twin
Torque111 lb-ft at 3250 rpm111 lb-ft at 3250 rpm
Transmission6-speed manual6-speed manual
Primary DriveChainChain
Final DriveBeltBelt
Suspension (front)Telescopic forkTelescopic fork
Suspension (rear)Twin shocks with preloadMono-shock with preload
Brake (front)Dual discDual disc
Brake (rear)Single discSingle disc
Fuel Capacity6 gallons6 gallons
Weight810 lbs (dry)820 lbs (dry)
Seat Height26.3 inches27.4 inches
Wheelbase64 inches64 inches
Length96.5 inches96.5 inches
Width37.8 inches39 inches
Height56.9 inches52.6 inches
Ground Clearance5.3 inches4.9 inches
FairingDetachable windshieldFixed fairing with windshield
Infotainment SystemStandardStandard
Front Tire130/80-17130/60B19
Rear Tire180/65-16180/65B16

Similarities between Harley Road King and Harley Street Glide

Touring motorcycles like the Harley Street Glide and Harley Road Glide are great for long road trips. They both feature powerful engines, comfortable seating, and excellent handling capabilities.

Additionally, they also come with advanced infotainment systems that allow you to listen to music and radio. The two Harleys share many similarities, including:

  • Both bikes are built for comfort and style
  • They both have powerful engines with great torque and acceleration
  • They both come with a range of safety features
  • They are both very reliable and durable
  • Both bikes are available through Harley-Davidson dealerships and they have interchangeable parts.
  • Also, on the surface, these two Harleys may look very similar.

Which one is better for beginners?

This is a question that many beginner riders are often confused about. Both bikes offer similar performance and features but have different looks due to their positioning. The Road King is a better option for beginners, as it offers more comfort and handling. It has a lower price point and is easier to learn, making it a good choice for new riders who are just starting.

However, the Street Glide could be a good choice for experienced riders who are looking for a bike that can offer both comfort and agility. Plus, the choice between these two bikes will depend on your needs and rider preferences. So, choose wisely and enjoy your ride! 

Which is Better Road Glide or Street Glide?

The Road Glide and the Street Glide are both popular models in the Harley-Davidson lineup, but they have some key differences. The Street Glide is lighter, smaller, and more maneuverable than the Road Glide, making it a better choice for shorter riders or those who want a bike that is more nimble in city traffic.

On the other hand, the Road Glide has a larger engine that can deliver more power and performance than the Street Glide can.

Ultimately, which one you choose should depend on your personal preferences and needs as a rider. So far, Street Glide is the most popular choice among riders although it’s a bit more expensive than Road king I think that is a better choice.



Overall, Harley Street Glide and Road Glide are great bikes for anyone looking for a high-performance touring or commuter bike. However, if you are looking for the highest performance and features, the Road Glide is the better choice.

Whether you are an experienced rider or just starting, either of these bikes will provide you with a reliable and enjoyable riding experience.​ Thanks for reading!

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